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Centennial Recreation Senior Center

171 W. Edmundson Avenue

(408) 782-1284

February 26, 2020

State of the City of Morgan Hill

“Great communities like Morgan Hill do not happen by chance. It takes good planning, vision, and fortitude to achieve greatness. Morgan Hill would not be the same if we did not have the Centennial Recreation Center, the Library, the Community and Cultural Center, the Dennis Kennedy Aquatics Center, or our beautiful Downtown. I want to thank the many elected officials, the community leaders, our City partners and the many, many volunteers that have made Morgan Hill what it is today.” - Mayor Rich Constantine


Join us as Christina Turner, City Manager of Morgan Hill, gives us an update about some of the activities that are happening in our City currently and in the future. Learn about some of the challenges that exist while the City continues to provide great service despite rising costs.


April 15, 2020

Basic Principles of Gardening in the 2020's

Gardening has changed through the years.  Scientific research has now shown how gardening can be compatible with nature and the environment, where past practices were often not. Integrated pest management, attracting beneficial insects, good soil practices, and providing habitat for birds and pollinators are just a few examples of sustainable gardening practices.  Join Master Gardener Joan Cloutier as she presents  more about the University of California Master Gardener methods that can be incorporated into your home garden. 

Upon graduation from University of Wisconsin with a degree in horticulture, Joan accepted a job offer in California with a seed company.  In her career, she also worked as a technical territory manager for various horticultural companies in the soil mix, plant nutrient and pest control areas.  Now retired, she is a UCCE Master Gardener in South Santa Clara County. 


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